100% Organic and Chemical Free

Colour me organic is the gentle all-natural hair coloring alternative to synthetic and chemical hair dyes, that is not only safe for your hair but is also good for it.

  • 100% Organic

    Made with 100% certified organic herbal pigments, Colour Me Organic natural hair colorants and treatments are fundamentally different in how they interact with your hair, imparting lasting tone and shine to the hair’s surface without penetrating the hair cuticle.

  • Safe & Healthy

    Colour Me Organic hair colorants contain only natural, certified organic ingredients. You’ll love the health and beauty that these natural pigments bring to your hair. And you can use them again and again without damaging your hair or irritating your skin.

  • Natural Look

    Colour Me Organic is an ideal choice for those with graying hair, damaged hair, and/or sensitive skin. Because it is chemical-free, Colour Me Organic can be used as frequently as desired to gradually deepen or enhance hair color, strengthen tint and highlights.